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Kat is a Music focused entertainment-enterpriser who comes from a background ranging Her experiences as a community-organizer, medical-professional, and performer.

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Forget mentorship! Embrace possibilities!! Most people exists somewhere between their own universe and the one everyone else knows. Whether through team-building, Writing, Drawing, Singing (or similar), many business-owners/entertainers don't find themselves curing their inner fears or empowering their strongest skill-sets. Who/What are you and why do you exist?



Collaborating on multiple styles of Music, spanning the genres of Electro, Pop/Rock, and even Orchestra Songs featuring obscure-synthesis, Kat may be able to add a little something extra to your productions. Kat's firm, TakeoTama.com prides itself on High-Quality listener-experiences. Let's take your ideas and develop the best presentations possible. Your vision is the most important element above all!



Kat prefers e-mail over social-networks, enabling her to constantly improve her crafts vs. being distracted. Are you performing at full capacity? Better mind-management can equal 'radical' shifts in your growth! Despite Kat's outlooks, some connections are not only mutual, but sometimes are the keys to unknown doorways. Whether it be through marketing (i.e. advertising) or project-creation, feel free to reach out and explore a relationship!!